Meet Pastor Mobley

Pastor James Mobley has been in the Deliverance ministry for over 30 years.

Pastor Mobley grew up in the church, and was exposed to deliverance very early on, although he didn’t recognize what it was at that time. He noticed that as the people of the church would sing hymns, they would start manifesting. They would start frothing at the mouth, and the people would gather around them to pray.  They called it ‘purging’.  Later on he was taught that if anyone backslid that seven more spirits would come in. (Matthew 12:45 & Luke 11:26)

Years later, as Pastor Mobley began to study the Bible, He saw clearly that the Word says that we have authority over those spirits. He recognized that with those who had backslidden and had gone back into the world, he could cast those spirits out. So he began to cast them out of those backslidden people. Eventually, after Pastor Mobley began to pastor a church, the Lord showed that believers, too, could have demons.

Pastor Mobley noticed that as he began preaching the Truth of the Bible with all that he had, that the believers in his church would tell him that they were having problems living a Christian life in certain areas.  His response was to quote the scripture, “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creation: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” (2 Corinthians 5:17)  He would tell them, “You have missed it somewhere. You must not have meant what you said when you got saved. You weren’t truly born again if you are still having those kinds of problems.”

Pastor Mobley found that he was getting them saved over and over again. One particular person would come back with the same problem week after week, saying that he had prayed and fasted and confessed until he was blue in the face and was still having the same problems. Pastor Mobley began to wonder what was going on and become more and more confused. The people needing help were also confused because nothing was changing in spite of trying with all the strength and sincerity they had.

One day the Lord spoke to Pastor Mobley and said, “You’re not doing your job.  Philip went to Samaria and preached Christ to the people and the unclean spirits cried out with loud voices and came out . You’re trying to get these people to live Holy and Godly without getting them set free.” The Lord then showed him in the Old Testament that when the Israelites were delivered out of Egypt, they were to go in and drive that stuff out and reclaim the land little by little, which is a picture of what we are to do today with deliverance.

Pastor Mobley started doing deliverance at that point and has been doing it ever since.